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Curly-crowned Tammy Facey is the brains behind Jim + Henry, but she started the business with her twin sister. A true family affair: the twins' older sister called them Jim + Henry during childhood, and it stuck fast. They believe in using the finest ingredients to deliver stunning results. 

Their first product was Eight, the first natural leave-in hair conditioner crafted exclusively for Afro and curly hair types that only contains, you guessed it, eight ingredients. They have since introduced three new products to their line, Five, Nine and Ten which are now all available on

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"I’ve understood the why behind the creation of my brand - to make women of all ages realise they are More Than Enough when they are truly themselves."


May 06, 2018

Its a light/thick cream that has an almost squishy consistency! I applied it to wet hair and it melted into my strands! It made my hair so soft, fluffy and moisturised! Its the perfect base for a wash and go! You can use it as a one product wash and go for a big and fluffy look. Its the perfect leave in conditioner for light summer curls.

Jul 16, 2017

When Ive Finished This Tub I Will Be Restocking Asap As I Need This In My Life, Its Always Nice To Have A Product That Fulfils Several Beauty Goals And The Fact That Its Totally Organic Is Such A Win For Me!!



Organic Ghanaian shea butter

We use organic, fair trade shea butter hailing from a women's cooperative in Ghana; the women harvest the shea nut, and work to produce the highly moisturising 'butter' that makes it into Eight.

Vitamin E

The antioxidant famed for its restorative and healing properties, encourages healthy hair by repairing damaged hair follicles and building tissue - perfect for those transitioning.

Corsican Rosemary

Boasting growth-stimulating and antibacterial properties - ideal for healthy hair - our cold-pressed Rosemary Verbenone is derived from the blue-green flowers in Corsica and is the star of the essential oils which make up Eight.  

Roman Cammomile

Ah, heavenly Roman Cammomile; the essential oil derived from British-grown cammomile flowers softens all that it touches: transforming dry textures into hydrated, silkier hair. it also smells divine.


This milder cousin of the orange family calms irritated scalps, due to its sedative properties, calming inflamed scalps and damaged hair. It also has cytophylactic properties, where it renews tissues and promotes growth.


Emulsifier is what blends the water and oil together, allowing Eight to become a smooth pot of loveliness.