Meet Hermellia

She created HIC&NUNK after a disastrous DIY home relaxer kit cost her part of her hair - an all-too-familiar story for many women of colour.  At that moment, Hermellia decided to stop using chemicals on her hair. Little did she know that it would lead to this fabulous range.

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"Your curls are a gift. Love them and they will love you back" 


My natural hair does not like routine so I introduced the HIC&NUNK shampoo and oil to mix things up. They are perfect for dry curly hair!  

I discovered these products on a recent salon visit and they are my new hair product crush! The range is 100% natural and includes ingredients such as castor oil, cocoa butter,  peppermint, coconut, shea...). The products are excellent, luxurious, and I'm so happy I found them.

These are great products - the smell, the texture, and especially the effect on your hair! I love the balm in particular. 

Taking care of curls with HIC&NUNK products


WAVY HAIR (Soft Waves)

Your curls have the shape of a soft spiral, and they are generally flattened at the scalp. You need to slightly moisturize them in order to keep their bouncy aspect. We advise to wash them no more than twice a week with non-sulfate products (Cleansing Shampoo), to apply a lotion on a daily basis (Moisturizing Lotion) and go with a deeper moisturizing treatment once or twice a month (Soothing Oils or Nourishing Balm).

CURLY HAIR (Spirals Bouncing Easily)

Your hair is curly from the roots to the tips, forming a loose “S” shape. The biggest challenges for curly hair are to manage the frizz, define the curls and keep them moisturized. We advise you to wash your hair only when it’s really necessary. Once a week is enough, but the less the better. Use a soft product without sulfate that is highly nourishing (Cleansing Shampoo), make sure to keep them moisturized every day (Moisturizing Lotion), and to regularly treat them (Soothing Oils or Nourishing Balm).

COILY HAIR (Dynamic Defined Curls)

The curls have a tight “S” shape, they dry easily since the sebum cannot spread to the length of the hair. These curls need a lot of hydration and definition with an adapted routine. We recommend that you nourish your hair intensely (Soothing Oils) before washing it gently (Cleansing Shampoo). Keep the pre-shampoo treatment on for a minimum of 30 minutes, but feel free to keep it longer before rinsing. With this type of hair, you need to moisturize your it on a daily basis (Moisturizing Lotion) and apply a richer nourishment treatment (Nourishing Balm) at least one a week, ideally after you shampoo.

KINKY HAIR (Unrivaled Thickness)

This type of hair is the the most fragile. The curls have an “S” or “Z” shape and can shrink around 75% of their length. Your curls need to be constantly hydrated. You need to use a soft shampoo (Cleansing Shampoo) right after a deep treatment (Soothing Oils), which you should keep for as long as possible before rinsing. A daily dose of hydration (Moisturizing Lotion) is essential, and alternate every three days with a deeper leave-in conditioner (Nourishing Balm).