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She created DIZZIAK because she needed it! After years of frustration caused by the lack of truly rich, deep conditioners on the market, Loretta wanted to create a beautiful-looking, fragrant product that provides coarse, textured hair with the rich hydration it needs, without relying on harsh chemicals. 

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"My life experiences are in this bottle of conditioner"



Dizziak deep conditioner is a game changer for the curly/ textured hair and I am in LOVE. I used it today on hair that dan't been washed for 5 days and was in need of a really good detangle. The tangle teezer glided through like a hot knife through butter and my hair felt so soft and hydrated. It contains all the oils and good shit, none of the bullshit, it's vegan and it smells like summer. A welcome newcomer to my curl arsenal.


Dizziak has seriously saved my hair! I've avoided wearing my hair out for most of the winter because the central heating causes it to frizz. I used Dizziak conditioner JUST ONCE and my curls are so soft and bouncy.


Rarely dones a hair product for 'all hair types' actually work on my hair but this does what it says on the tin.



Aloe Vera

Heals, moisturises, reduces inflammation and stimulates cells

Argan Oil

A light and nourishing antioxidant to shield, strengthen and soften strands while delivered healthy shine

Babassu Oil

Creates natural lustre, imparts softness and helps to prevent breakage

Castor Oil

A rich, non drying oiul that optimises the function of the hair follicles, thickening and conditioning

Organic Coconut Oil

Attacks dehydration, repairs damage and promotes hair growth

Inca Inchi Oil

This ancient Peruvian oil leaves hair more manageable, shiny and resistant