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Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka has brought Pure Plant Magic to the hair and skincare industries. She founded The Afro Hair & Skin Co., which is centred on ethically and sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Ibi has unlocked major benefits for hair and skin with her 100% natural formulations, and she is deeply passionate about wellness and honest, healthy hair care products.

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"Community and self-care is at the heart of my brand, I have an opportunity to build something better aligned with my world view so that hopefully future generations will never have to suspect and question whether products aimed at them really have their best intentions at heart."


My hair was going through a rough patch after using the wrong shampoo and conditioner which left my hair extremely brittle and dry. This hair oil helped bring my hair back to life and give it bounce and sheen, would absolutely recommend this product!

I have not used shampoo on my hair for over 1 year, but wanted to give this one a try because I love all the other products. This shampoo smells amazing and lathers up very well, so a little goes a long way (with my short hair). It is very gentle and there is no need for conditioner, I was able to detangle my hair easily. After washing my hair felt soft, I applied a little bit of the Bloom hair oil while it was wet and that was it. After 4 days it still wasn't dry, I've actually managed 6 days before washing again. I wanted to wait before writing the review to see if it was really the shampoo, so I washed my hair a couple of times the old way (baking soda and ACV rinse), and it was not the same. My hair was less dry and had better curl definition after washing with the shampoo. "Nurture" really is the perfect name for it. I would also recommend cutting the bar in half so it's easier to use and also it won't be exposed to water as much, and make sure to keep it dry. 

Such beautiful products! My hair and skin feel so healthy happy. I can tell these products are made with such beautiful intention I will be recommending these to everyone I know!


Organic Thistle Oil

Organic Thistle oil is the base for the Bloom Hair Oil because of it's rich and light consistency. It has a very high Vitamin F content which is an incredible skin nutrient which supports healthy scalp. 

Poppy Seed Oil

Poppy seed oil helps smooth the hair shaft, it's extremely helpful for improving elasticity and is rich in antioxidants. 

Camelina Seed Oil

Camelina Seed Oil gives a little added protection against manipulation and styling which means less snapping and breakage. It contains up to 43% omega 2 essential fatty acids which ensures your scalp and hair follicles remain nourished and healthy which then allows for a better quality of hair growth.

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil contains a high concentration of proteins and vitamins A, B and E, all of which help add shine to dull, dry hair. Additionally, fatty acids omega 9, 6, and 3 help to reflect damaging UV rays. The omegas in Almond Oil also keep hair strong and healthy, preventing against breakage.