Antidote Street Salon Manifesto

“Coming together to collaboratively set the standard allows us to hold ourselves accountable to creating the best possible experience for our customers!”

“How do we elevate the industry collectively to better serve our clientele and community?”

This Spring, we gathered together some of the UK’s leading afro hair salons to discuss how we might collectively improve the overall clientele experience. We explored the afro hair salon sector - what is has been, what it is now, and how it can be further elevated on all levels. This resulted in an agreement on core principles of service in a commitment of change. Read and share! We would love to see this take on a life of its own and inspire change!


Salon ABV

Salon ABV is an award winning salon based in Dartford, Kent catering to afro and curly textured hair. 

Founded by Abbey Osho, the team at Salon ABV are passionate about healthy afro hair, creative styling and hair education.


Peckham Palms

A new Afrocentric retail space in the heart of Peckham...

Peckham Palms provides exceptional hairstyling and beauty services in a multi-use event venue. This covered marketplace is home to over 30 professional hair and beauty stylists, from braids stylists to weave stylists to locticians.


MOISO London

Make. Me. Over. Inside. Out 

MOISO London recognises that we are holistic beings, mind, spirit, body and soul and their goal is to change the lives their clients, one hairstyle or makeover at a time.



A salon in more ways than one.

SIMPLYGorgeous is a destination Afro Hair Salon, offering top level service to all customers seeking the best in afro hair styles, care and products at an affordable price point. Founded by a mother and daughter duo, SIMPLYGorgeous acts as a space for like-minded women offering events across beauty, art, culture



Afrotherapy is recognised as one of the best specialist hairdressing salons offering professional and expert afro and mixed race or multi textured hairdressing. Founded in May 2001 by Joseph and Harriet Cudjoe with a desire to create the best hair dressing experience for afro hair