About Us | Antidote Street

Antidote Street is a brand new online destination for black hair and skin care products. We offer a curated selection of hair and grooming products to remedy those daily woes that we here, at Antidote Street, understand too well.

Antidote Street was born out of the desire to revolutionise access to black hair and skin care products in the UK. You name it, we have experienced it. Like spotting that amazing product on a popular blog which is not available in the UK; ordering from the States and paying twice the amount in shipping; or finding it this side of the water but have to travel further afield to purchase it.

Removing the faff around product access and making your life that much easier is truly what makes us tick. Put simply, we mean - the best products, advice with efficient delivery. 

• We source and provide the best black hair and skin care products – just the stuff you need so you don’t have to search;

• We provide you with useful advice and consolidated view of all the best hair and skin care blogs;

• We deliver it to you efficiently. 

So that’s us, neutralising unpleasant situations, one product at a time. We look forward to meeting you and think this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.