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Winnie Awa -

November 4, 2018

Something beautiful happened when many women with typically afro, curly or multi-textured hair started to return to their natural textures. It was amazing to see – and it still is! When we first launched, our primary focus was to provide simplified access to the best hair care products. After serving many women all over the world, we are learning that reconditioning the mind is just as important.

We are conscious of the fact that looser curl textures are often used as the single image for describing hair that is coily, kinky and multi-textured and are increasingly seen as the singular view of what is considered beautiful. Did we let go of one unrealistic and non-representative ideal of beauty to embrace another?

Our latest campaign, #MyCurlIsPerfect seeks to challenge this. Especially as we, Antidotestreet.com are all about loving ones hair, whatever the type or texture or curl pattern, not trying to bend the hair to submission but working with it, learning what it likes and enjoying it.

This is why we are excited to highlight these 4 female thought leaders / thinkers / shapers who are challenging western ideals of beauty. From journalists to lawyers, we asked our leading ladies of November to tell us why their curl is perfect. Have a read - and be sure to connect with us on Instagram or Facebook and join the conversation.  

1. Sanchia Legister (@misssanchialege)

Sanchia unapologetically shows up in the world as a; runner, yoga teacher, energy giver, public speaker and space holder. She has over 10 years of drama, directing and facilitation experience and is now known for her popular underground Yogahood classes. She brings her signature afro, big smile and good vibes to the mat in the hope of bringing yoga to the people and opening up the wellness scene - with a killer playlist to help you find freedom, space and your inner badass!

#MyCurlIsPerfect because it’s my crown.

My crown holds years of wisdom from the women in my blood line that have spent hours running their fingers through it. It carries the independence and tears of my Mama and the air miles and sea water of my daddy’s travels.

My 'fro, has handled it's business through hundreds of hours of sweat, chlorine, sunshine, snow, commuting, combing, relaxing, box braiding, flat ironing and steaming. From weddings to raving, job interviews to dating.

It has been my homie through every phase of my life. The days where I found broken pieces of a combs teeth, when lip liner was my saviour and a side parting was my signature look, when I fell in love and fell in heartache too, when I went “honey-copper" and promised my grandma it would grow out. 

My hair makes the best days even better, and the trying days more pleasurable. I've created a million characters and plan to make a million more.

My hair is part of a community. It induces smiles and fist pumps from familiar strangers, conversations with randoms and knowing looks of growing up the same-same but different. 


2. Ateh Jewel (@atehjewel)

Ateh Jewel is a multi award winning beauty journalist, blogger, director and producer who has been in the industry for 17 years writing and styling for titles such as Vogue, Tatler, Sunday Times Style, The Telegraph, Guardian Weekend Magazine, The Pool, Red Magazine, Get The Gloss.


#MyCurlIsPerfect because it’s part of me and who I am.

I’m part of a long line of strong warrior, go getting women and men.

For years I hated my “bush” hair. It was something to be ashamed of and fix. I now love how easy it is to style and care for. I have realised that my hair is glamourous and powerful because I am glamourous and powerful. 


3. Comfort Nsek (@simply.comfort)

Comfort Nsek is a Lawyer/Employment Law Solicitor who loves to travel, make clothes, do charity work, and post on Instagram.


#MyCurlIsPerfect because I was born this way.

Growing up in a small town in Nigeria, it was the norm for every woman to embrace their natural hair and to do otherwise was frowned upon. I remember at the age of 13 or 14 when my mum left for work, I decided to allow my neighbour to style my hair with extensions. My mum’s reaction was what I can simply describe now as ’over the top’, you would think someone had shaved my hair off. She sat me down and in a matter of seconds, there was no trace of extensions in my hair - she made sure she washed my hair too so I wasn't infected with any spirit of self-doubt haha. 

Moving to the UK has exposed me to the issue of self-doubt; women thinking their hair is not good enough and some admitting that the time required to take care of it is not something they can tolerate. 

I have always loved the hair that grows out of my scalp because it makes me confident and I feel beautiful. It IS professional, and everything else I want it to be is just a style away 


4. Maha Al Kharusi (@ma5usia)

Maha Al Kharusi is the first Omani 'curly hair blogger', but really she's just a girl who loves her curls, and who has a weakness for cookies and loves lazing on the beach. She works in Corporate Finance at an international bank, but she is also part of the Global Shapers Community which is an initiative of the World Economic Forum for the youth. She is also pursuing her studies in Sustainability, because who doesn't want to make the world a better place?

#MyCurlIsPerfect because it displays my heritage without it defining me.

It represents true love; self love. It is beautiful in all its unruly imperfections. But mostly, because of the way it makes others feel. 

I began my natural hair journey after years frying and mistakenly poisoning my hair (what was supposed to be a protein treatment was really a re-bonding treatment, yikes!) and I have not looked back since 2015.

I can say that embracing my curls was a step toward accepting myself for who I am rather than trying to find happiness in becoming someone else.

The emancipation of your reality not being shaped by other people's opinions of what you should look like was what I wanted to give others, to instill that thought of, 'Oh wow, her natural [wavy/curly/coily] hair is beautiful. I never knew my hair could look like that. I want that.'


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