Coconut oil on Steroids

What is Monoi Oil?

Those French Polynesians knew a thing or two about hair care but then again, who wouldn't with high bushes of Gardenia Tahitensis in their back gardens? The Tiaré flower or Gardenia Tahitensis (if you want to get science fancy;-)). It is small white, start shaped flower that blossoms all year long.


Monoï oil is an infused perfume-oil made from soaking the petals of Tiaré flowers in coconut oil. Monoï (pronounced Mah-noy) is a Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the Reo-Maohi language. Monoï is widely used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair softener.

The tiaré flowers that are hand-picked at a very particular stage of their growth, specifically when they are still unopened. The flowers are immediately taken to the manufacturing plant and stripped of their pistils. The flower portion is placed in refined coconut oil for a minimum of 15 days.

This is known as "enfleurage" (flower soaking), a French term used to designate a specific extraction step. According to specific maceration standards set by the decree of Appellation d'Origine, which each manufacturer must scrupulously follow, a minimum of 15 tiare flowers must be used in every liter of refined coconut oil.

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