How to colour your hair PINK without damage

When you have curly, afro or multi-textured hair, colour is often seen as the enemy - the one this that is standing between you and your desired hair length. Eschewing all popular opinion, Winnie Awa (co-founder of recently reached for that bottle of bleach. On the blog today, she shares her personal experiences and top tips for colouring responsibly. 

So I recently dyed my hair pink. It's a beautiful candy floss shade of pink. Sometimes, I really do want to eat it and so do others. Perhaps we might even change the well known 'Don't touch my hair' to 'Don't eat my hair' ;-) except I really don't mind if one wanted to touch or eat it. I have become rather accustomed to being #hairgoals for all young girls under the age of 10. I heard a young girl tell her mum that she wants red hair. A good friend's daughter recently told her that she wanted to dye her hair pink like Aunty Mimi (me). It's all too hilarious!

I coloured my hair because I never got a chance to 'go wild' when other teenagers were experimenting with purple-y streaks. Hair, our afro hair was always so serious. Something that needed to be 'done', 'fixed' or 'grown'.

I first went golden blonde late last year. Possibly the worst time to do so ... WINTER! At family events, my hair would invite two feelings - excitement and worry. The worry often outweighed the excitement, '...but won't you damage and break your hair?'

 I was not worried. 

Since starting and running, my perception has very much changed. This is probably down to the fact that I understand exactly how to look after my hair. The fear factor was gone because I was armed with knowledge. This is why we are so passionate about doing the same for our readers on the blog. 

I believe HAIR should be 100% FUN! Colour it, twist it, relax it, cut it, loc it... whatever you choose, discover yourself and have a blast. 

So are you thinking about reaching for the peroxide & toner? Here's my tool kit for colouring responsibly: 


Marlene, owner of NaturalGloe salon gave me my first peroxide treatment. Having known her for ages and shared inspiration with her, I knew I was in good hands. 


Make sure your salon professional uses Olaplex treatment as part of the dying process. It prevents breakage during the colouring process and "glues" back together the broken bonds.


I was already into my deep conditioning but things are getting serious. We see each other every week. I use Dizziak DEEP conditioner or TSAKA Beauty SOS Hair Rescue Mask for chemically treated hair.

Natural Gloe Salon are my go-to for colouring my natural hair

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I don't even realise I'm doing this now. Typically get home in the evening, wash the face, layer my face creams and then give the same LOVE to my hair. It doesn't feel like a chore. I use Eight Leave In and Moisture In Abundance Therapy Oil. 

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Hope this helps you and if you are thinking of it, go for it! I feel a certain freedom which I have not felt in a long time.
I suspect the pink might stay a while but should my mood change, perhaps it would be Antidote Street green :-)

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Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street