How to pick conditioners



Leave-in, Daily Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Masks...

The list appears to go on and on, but which one of these should you buy and for what purpose? We are such geeks of using products correctly, so we asked Stephanie Sey (our go to expert on hair) and here are her #Gems.

Leave In Conditioner

  • Adds further moisture after the washing process
  • It can also be used as a moisturiser for finer hair types 
  • Fine hair types should opt for light formulas and sprays 
  • Thicker hair textures should use creamy and richer conditioners 
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Regular Conditioner

 Deep Conditioner

  • Provides intense shot of moisture which penetrates deep into the hair fibre
  • Typically contains moisture boosting ingredients and proteins 
  • Heat is often used with a deep conditioner
  • Should be used weekly for dry damaged hair and bi-weekly/monthly in all other circumstances
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Any differences for Relaxed Hair vs Natural Hair vs Locs?

  • No difference in conditioning practices between relaxed and natural hair
  • Protein treatments more than moisturising
  • For Locs, avoid heavier oil based conditioners, as they will be difficult to rinse
  • Use lighter conditioners

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