Hair Oils and How Best to Use Them

At, we love bringing you expert advice hair care advice straight from the source - because who better to give hair care tips than the creators of our FAVE products? :D So this week we picked the brain of Bouclème's founder Michele to get her take on hair oils - a topic that honestly never ceases to divide opinions!

Read on for her top tips - and shop our selection of hair oils including Bouclème's new Revive 5 Hair Oil

Whilst a lot of people are aware of hair oils, figuring out how to use them to solve your hair problems can be tricky. When used properly, hair oils can truly enhance curls, kinks and coils making them glossy, healthy and happy. Here are my top tips on how to use them.

1. Find the best oil for your hair type

For fine hair, a light oil like argan oil can work wonders. For thick, coarser textures, a heavier oil like Jamaican Castor Oil is well suited. Coconut oil is scientifically proven to penetrate into the hair cortex, it binds to the proteins in hair, if you’re protein sensitive this can make hair feel hard with heavy use. Relaxed hair benefits from oils that offer thermal protection like our Revive 5 which also offers UV protection too. Always read the label to make sure the oil you’re using is pure and silicone free to reap the nutrient benefits.  

2. Use with other products (the LOC/LOCG method)

My personal favourite method. LOC stands for leave-in conditioner (water based conditioners are a must), oil and then cream. Essentially, oils work best when layered with conditioners or creams, as they trap in the moisturising benefits in the hair for longer. Layer the oil between your leave-in conditioner and cream, follow with a gel if that’s part of your styling routine. This method of using oils is great for very porous hair, which tends to lose moisture quickly.

3. Use to protect your scalp

To rehydrate dry and irritated scalps, try massaging oil all over the top of the head in circular motions to boost stimulation. The massaging motion will help to release any trapped, dry skin cells and allow the moisture from the oil to penetrate the skin. Leave overnight if you can and rinse off in the morning with a gentle shampoo.

4. Use as a shampoo pre-treatment

Try preparing your hair before shampooing. Nourishing oils like our Revive 5 help to counteract the drying effects of detergents commonly found in shampoo. Apply to the full length of your hair and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight, then shampoo, condition and style as usual.

5. Use as a humidity barrier

If it’s raining or damp outside, try smoothing a small amount of oil over the canopy of your hair to fend off frizzing and keep definition. Simply rub between your hands and gently smooth over the very top of the hair.

6. Shine bright like a diamond

Hair oils should create shine, not grease. If you’re looking for luscious locks, using hair oil in this way is the perfect finishing touch to your hair regime. Your scalp is normally more hydrated than the ends of your hair, thanks to naturally occurring oils that have difficulty travelling down the length of curls, kinks and coils.

7. Co washing and oils

Make sure you do an occasional deep cleanse with a sulphate free shampoo if using oils regularly to help prevent any build up.

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Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street