Dizziak's Hydration Wash is Shampoo 2.0

When you think Dizziak, you think Deep Conditioner. Founder Loretta De Feo successfully carved out a niche for her Deep Conditioner among the swathes of competing products, becoming a cult favourite and being known for its lushly moisturising effects.

Today (29.11.18), Loretta has taken on the Shampoo industry by creating the Dizziak Hydration Wash. At Antidote Street we are HYPE about this as we have seen for ourselves the intense love that the Deep Conditioner imbues into our hair - and we know that the Hydration Wash will be the perfect addition to our regime. 

What's so exciting about Dizziak's answer to Shampoo? Read on to find out. 

Why Shampoo?

Let's start from the basic premise - why do we need Shampoos anyway? Can't we just condition and rinse our hair? 

Well, the answer to that is definitely not! Shampoo is a critical part of your hair care routine - it cleanses the hair, removing dirt and sebum from the scalp and hair shaft. Put simply, if your hair and scalp are not clean, they will not flourish.

If you're still not convinced, take a read of our previous post dedicated to the whys and hows of choosing Shampoos

pH Balanced Goodness

Dizziak's Hydration Wash boasts a pH balanced formula - but why is this important? 

A healthy pH balance can:

  • Act as a barrier to help your scalp fight bacteria and fungus

  • Seal your hair cuticles to maintain moisture and natural oils 

  • Reduce or prevent breakage by maintaining healthy sebum levels

 Ok, so we're definitely on board with all of that! pH balance = GOOD

All the best ingredients

Like the much-loved Deep Conditioner, the Dizziak Hydration Wash contains some kick-ass ingredients that are so so good to your hair. These include:

Babassu Oil - derived from the kernels of the Babassu Palm Tree, this oil does it all. It creates natural lustre (love that shine!), imparts touchable softness, and helps to prevent breakage. 

Aloe Vera- containing vitamins A, C, E, B-12 and folic acid, this active ingredient: Promotes hair growth; Strengthens strands; Reduces dandruff and calms an itchy scalp; Rejuvenates the hair by giving more elasticity and preventing breakage; Leaves hair all smooth, shiny and healthy. 

Quinoa Protein- a vegan alternative to Silk Protein, Quinoa Protein is a natural strengthener that nourishes the hair follicles, forming an invisible film that protects hair from damaging environmental conditions - and helps to maintain and enhance hair colour. Chock full of amino acids, Quinoa Protein repairs damaged hair and promotes hair growth. It also hydrates the hair and scalp.

Sodium PCA- this natural protein is highly water-absorbent, making it an excellent humectant. (Not sure what a 'humectant' is or why it's important? Check out our blog post which breaks it all down) 

These ingredients are like a love letter to our hair! We're ready to say yes to all that goodness. Are you?

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Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street