's Guide To The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method. We've all heard of it, but what is it really about? And even more to the point, what products are actually "Curly Girl Approved"? Never fear beauties - Antidote Street has ALLL the deets! We've put together an easy-to-follow guide, linked to all the products you'll need to achieve your best curls yet.  


TLDR: say bye bye to shampoo, heat, sulphates, silicones and alcohol and HELLO to lovely healthy curls!

The Curly Girl Method is a well-loved healthy hair regimen for curly gals which is about gently moisturising your hair to bring out the best health in your curls/waves. It removes harsh sulphates from your hair care routine, and also removes non-water soluble silicones. As a result hair is left healthier and happier! 



TLDR: Clarify, Co-Wash, Condition & Apply Styling Products

1. Clarify

When first starting the CG Method, it is KEY to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove the existing silicones and product build-up from your hair.

TIP: If your hair feels limp, frizzy or greasy, that can be a sign that it's time to clarify! Usually worth repeating every few weeks. 

We recommend: 

2. Co-Wash

Ditch your regular shampoo for a Co-Wash or mild, low-poo cleanser. Massage this into your scalp and hair to remove oils and dirt - and remember to rinse thoroughly! 

TIP: If you have Wavy hair or are prone to certain scalp conditions, co-washing may not be for you! Instead opt for a gentle cleanser. 

We recommend:

3. Condition

Yup, even though you're no longer using a traditional shampoo, conditioning is a majorly important step! Be generous with your conditioner, work into hair until it feels "slimy" and then gently detangle with fingers or a detangling tool - NO BRUSHES please!

TIP: When rinsing, leave a bit of conditioner in. 

We recommend:

 4. Apply Styling Products

Now it's time to apply your styling products such as a gel to your wet hair. Be generous with the product and gently scrunch your hair with a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel, then air dry.

TIP: When hair is fully dry "scrunch out the crunch". 

 We recommend:



  • Heat 

  • Brushes

  • Sulphates

  • Silicones which are not soluble in water

  • Drying Alcohols

  • Mineral Oils 

  • Waxes 



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