5 top tips for getting your hair autumn-ready!

So we've said 'Ta Ta' to Summer - and yes we're sad to see it go! But we're thrilled about the new beginnings of Autumn (ok, and the return of Pumpkin Spice). The changing weather can be harsh on delicate hair textures and so we have put together an amazing Autumn Digest of tips and products that will see you through this Season smiling and rocking amazing, healthy hair! 

As the weather gets colder - and drier - you might find that your usual hair care regimen isn't giving you the results you want. Odds are you need to incorporate some of the following tips into your routine - and we promise they're easy and quick enough for busy work and school schedules! As always we've combined our expert advice with some amazing product recommendations that you can find on, you guessed it, AntidoteStreet.com. Only the best for you beauties! 


1. Refresh that scalp! 

Happy scalp, happy hair - trust us!

Your scalp health is KEY to the overall condition of your hair, and after loading it up with creams, gels, and styling products during the Summer, you need to hit that reset button ASAP!

We recommend Flora & Curl's Curl Refresh Clay Wash - and don't let the word 'Clay' fool you- it smells truly divine while gently cleansing and stimulating your hair and scalp. 

The Autumn Digest - Flora & Curl Curl Refresh Clay Wash on AntidoteStreet.com


2. Treat yourself to a Deep Condition

Pampering and oh-so-good for your hair - double win! 

Ideally you should already be deep conditioning regularly - but if you're not, now is a fab time to start! A proper deep conditioning treatment can be utterly transformative to your hair's health and add shine, elasticity, and loads of moisture! Incorporate the deep condition into your luxurious, hot bath so that you get the benefit of the steam to lock in that moisture! 

We recommend Dizziak's lush Deep Conditioner, described by many as a 'Game Changer' it is incredibly rejuvenating for damaged hair and can make your curls POP. 

The Autumn Digest - Dizziak Deep Conditioner on AntidoteStreet.com


If your scalp needs some extra love, try TSAKA Beauty's Black Magic Hair Mask- it does wonders for boosting micro-circulation and primes your hair for some serious GROWTH. 

The Autumn Digest - TSAKA Beauty Black Magic Hair Mask on AntidoteStreet.com


3. Protein? Yes Please! 

Pssst! Have you heard? Protein sensitivity is a myth! (Check out this post for the full scoop.) 

Depending on your hair type you may love or hate protein treatments, but if used correctly there are such amazing benefits for your hair, particularly during the colder months .

We recommend Healthy Hair Studio's Protein Defence  to keep your hair at its peak potential even during the winter! Even low porosity hair types swear by it - it's liquid magic! 

The Autumn Digest - Protein Defence from Healthy Hair Studio by Enitan on AntidoteStreet.com


4. Protective Style AND Moisturise 

Your braids might be fire, but your scalp shouldn't be burning!

Twists, Weaves, Wigs, Braids - we're here for all of them! Keep your hair well away from the elements by employing some fab protective styles - and if you're short on inspo, we have your back! Watch this space ;)

The styles are only one part of this equation though - to keep your hair happy and healthy underneath, make moisture your bff. Depending on the style and preference, you can spritz your hair (e.g. for braids or weaves) and/or you can use water-based moisturising creams when styling e.g. for twists. And don't forget your ends! Seal in that moisture with a tried-and-true oil of your choice.

For the moisturising cream, we suggest HIC&NUNK's Hair Moisturising Lotion - it's deeply moisturising and nourishing and is just what your hair needs when you've been skipping wash days. 

The Autumn Digest - Hair Moisturising Lotion by Hic and Nunk on AntidoteStreet.com


For spritzing, we recommend Flora & Curl's Hydration Mist - it's simply fab and does what it says on the tin - hydrates and moisturises and makes your hair smell divine! 

The Autumn Digest - Flora & Curl's Floral Hydration Hair Mist on AntidoteStreet.com

We haven't forgotten the oil! Our recommendation is Jim + Henry's FIVE - giving you a blend of Mandarin, Camomile, Rosemary, Cretan Olive Oil and Castor Oil - five powerhouse ingredients to soften and hydrate!  

The Autumn Digest - FIVE by Jim + Henry on AntidoteStreet.com


5. Snip snip - it's time for a Trim! 

Ah trims, how we love to hate you - but we know we need you! 

Depending on your hair growth journey and goals, trims may seem counter-intuitive - why am I cutting my hair when I want it to be longggg, you ask yourself. But the hair care community has voted a resounding YES to regular trims- and as much as we don't want to part with those inches, the brittle, broken and dry ends just have to go! 

Make it a habit to check on the condition of your ends and trim as needed, and the results will speak for themselves. Particularly during the colder months your hair will thank you for shedding those damaged ends. 

Look out for a post coming soon with our recommendations for some AMAZING salons in the UK that will make you love your trims - we promise!

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Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street