Award winning hair salon focusing on natural afro and relaxed hair. 

Afrotherapy is recognised as one of the best specialist hairdressing salons offering professional and expert afro and mixed race or multi textured hairdressing. Founded in May 2001 by Joseph and Harriet Cudjoe with a desire to create the best hair dressing experience for afro hair, with expertly trained stylists offering healthy treatments caring for afro hair, straightening it with care or cutting or transforming it with weaves. 

"Our vision is to establish a professional and sustainable salon business that would enable the partners to give back to the community and good causes, create job opportunities for other aspiring hairdressers and to expand the business into other areas beyond hairdressing."

The Antidote Factor?

We love the stylish and luxurious feel, designed to make your appointment feel like a real pampering session. 


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Our mission is to arm you with the best products for textured hair and to guide you in finding the best routine for YOU.

Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street