3 reasons why sleeping on silk is beneficial for your hair

Who here watches 'THIS IS US'? Yes, you know that TV series that is guaranteed to have you ugly crying your way through night? Well, one particular episode recently caught my attention. Let me explain ... and promise as little spoiler as possible! 


So Zoe realises that she has forgotten her silk pillowcase whilst making a journey with her sort-of-boyfriend, Kevin (who happens to be white). Like any woman with curly hair, she is exclaims with the frustration of a girl who knows only too well the perils of sleeping on cotton. Her sort-of-boyfriend, Kevin does not quite understand and thinks she is being a 'princess' and won't sleep on hotel pillowcases. 


Zoe does not have the bandwidth to explain to Kevin that far from being bougie, that the silk pillowcase prevents her hair from drying out #CurlyGirlProblems. However, eventually she does explain to him and he surprises her with a silk pillowcase because he knows how much it means to her and she decides right then and there that he is worth it all. 


Apparently, all of twitter agreed that was a worthwhile move;-)



So why exactly is SILK the ultimate antidote? Two simple answers . Cotton is absorbs all the moisture from the hair making it dry. This is no surprise really given that we tend to reach for the cotton shirts in the heat of summer. Secondly, cotton is rough which means friction is created as we move in our sleep, leading to breakage. 


We love silk (and especially pillowcases because they don't fall off in our sleep) for these reasons: 


  1. Kicks dry hair to the curb - your hair retains moisture for much longer. Hello HYDRATION!!! 
  2. Prevents breakage and split ends - your hair glides around smoothly on silk, with less friction typically caused by cotton. 
  3. Great for your skin - less creases, wrinkles and all round softer skin 



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Winnie Awa, founder of Antidote Street