11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking (And How To Prevent It)

When you're trying to grow out your hair, breakage is your worst enemy!

But fear not, we've got your back - we asked Rebecca, founder of hair care range Moisture in Abundance, to share insights into the causes of breakage and better yet, how to prevent it!

She provided us with a list of 11 reasons your hair might be breaking, and along with her tips we've curated some of our favourite Antidote Street products to help you keep your strands whole and healthy.


Colouring your hair, particularly lightening it, can really dry it out.

If you really want to try a new colour, follow these tips:

    • Try it gradually so that you can limit the damage;

    • Choose high quality colouring systems; and

    • Always use treatment masks to repair any damage caused.

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Using heat on your hair takes away the moisture within your hair and can fracture the hair strands making it more likely to break. Even though we know it can be damaging, the lure of the blow-dryer can be hard to resist.

Follow these tips if you can't stay away:

    • Limit blow drying and the use of other heat styling tools;

    • Always use a heat protector before applying heat to your hair;

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Styling and securing your hair and using rubber elastics can cause serious breakage!

These tips might seem obvious, but every effort counts in the fight for healthy hair:

    • Avoid rubber elastics and opt for more strand-friendly methods of securing your tresses such as cotton or silk-covered versions

    • Also avoid bands with a metal join which cause hair to get caught and pulled



Split ends can cause knots and tangles which lead to breakage when styling.

To avoid this source of breakage:

    • Get regular trims to keep those knots at bay!


  1. FRICTION (from clothing and bedding)

Having your hair rub against fabrics frequently can break the hair or damage the strands.

Follow these tips to limit friction damage:

    • Use a silk pillow case or head scarf at night

    • Be conscious of your hair rubbing against coats or scarves


Letting your hair get too dry makes it brittle and prone to breaking.

Put some moisture back in by:

    • Using a hot oil treatment, or

    • By applying a regular light oil throughout the day


Protein treatments are great – if your hair needs them!

That’s not always the case, so you should:

    • Monitor how your hair feels – if it feels dry, “coated”, tough, or brittle, it might have too much protein and be susceptible to breaking

    • Read the label of the products you’re using and keep track of how your hair responds to them – this can be an important clue regarding your hair’s protein needs

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If you’re dehydrated, your hair will be too!

To help with this aspect, you should:

    • Ensure that you get plenty of water – track your daily intake as this can be a good motivator to drink more water

    • Eat foods rich in healthy fats!



Rigorous drying can break your hair!

Instead, try these tips:

    • Pat your hair dry with a microfibre towel, or

    • Leave your hair to dry naturally


Using the wrong type of comb or brush won’t effectively detangle your hair, and is likely to break it instead.

Before reaching for these styling tools, you should:

    • Do a bit of research into what tools are best for your hair type AND styling habits

    • Wide tooth combs made of natural materials are often vastly better for your hair than a fine tooth plastic comb. Or opt for a detangling brush specially designed for thick, curly hair!


Washing too frequently, especially with shampoos, can remove essential moisture from the hair

Optimise your washing routine by looking for products that:

    • Gently clarify your hair for maximum effectiveness

    • Moisturise your hair while cleansing to avoid dryness and breakage

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