How to pick moisturisers

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August 20, 2017



How to get it? How to retain it? Babes with afro or multi-textured hair are sometimes at a loss to know what to do with their thirsty ringlets. Is there a key to choosing the best moisturiser to achieve this worthy #goal? We asked Tammy McFacey, creator of the fine leave in conditioner, EIGHT. Here are her #Gems.

Low porosity

Low-porosity hair. We know, it sounds scientific! It simply means that moisture is not easily absorbed into the hair. Using heat (i.e. steam) with deep treatments helps the hair cuticle open up so that moisture is more readily absorbed into the hair shaft. hair is so-called because the cuticle does not easily retain moisture. For low porosity hair types, try:

Deep Conditioners


  • EIGHT by Jim & Henry contains triple-filtered spring water, organic Shea Butter, mandarin, camomile and rosemary essential oils

    High porosity

    High-porosity hair is essentially hair that absorbs and loses moisture quickly (ugh!). Chemically treated hair is often highly porous due to damaged cuticles. Thankfully, there is a way around this. Use protein treatments to repair, strengthen and replenish hair by literally filling the holes on the hair shaft to reduce porosity. Employ the LOC method to layer products to help retain moisture for longer. Use Leave In conditioner, then oil before applying a cream. For high porosity hair types, try

    Protein Conditioners



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