How to choose a shampoo

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August 21, 2017


Shampoos. What exactly is their purpose? Well, cleanse the hair and remove dirt, debris and sebum from the scalp and hair shaft. Simple right? So why so many of them? Some swear by 'co-washing', others by 'clarifying' but what's the right shampoo for YOU? We asked hair expert and trichologist, Stephanie Sey to help us choose. Here are her #Gems

Moisturising Shampoos


Co - Wash

  • Wildly popular (we know) but co-washing is NOT a substitute for shampoo 
  • Co-washing is good for refreshing the hair, especially when one does not have time for a proper wash day
  • It will remove some dirt and hydrate the hair 
  • ...but it does not remove all the build up on the scalp as effectively as shampoo.
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Clarifying Shampoos

  • Removes heavy build up especially when the hair is not lathering well, products do not seem to be penetrating, hair is flat, limp and has excessive hair breakag
  • Will leave the hair very clean 'squeaky'
  • Can leave the hair dry so use monthly to get rid of build up
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Words by Leah Ishmael-Lynch

July 28, 2018

Words by Leah Ishmael-Lynch

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