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Editor’s Letter, Number One.

With the natural hair revolution taking over the social media stratosphere and finally breaking it’s way into mainstream media,  it has never been more of an exciting time for the black beauty industry. This is why I was excited to become Blog Editor for the Antidote Street website in March. Working with people that are

RE-BIRTH of close shave

By Damien Le-Hoste So, I’ve been surfing through numerous websites trying to find the best way to achieve my lifelong ambition: the oh so illusive (for me anyway) close shave without razor bumps and infamous in-grown hairs. The in-grown hairs thing has dogged my enthusiasm for a close shave – I seem to have grown

The Art of Shaving

By MOST MEN HAVE SUFFERED from ingrown hairs or razor bumps at one point or another, and a large percentage of men must deal with the condition on a regular basis. This is especially true for African-American men. Because black men have body hairs that are predominantly curly and wiry, shaved hair follicles tend to curve back and re-enter the